Monday, 19 May 2014

Those who fail to heed history are doomed to repeat it.

It is surprising what one finds when clearing out a cupboard.

This 1993 magazine contains a comprehensive article about the research involved into HYPP, you can read this article in pdf format here for easier reading. One of the relevant issues to the HWSS research, and addressed in this article is that the HYPP research took seven years before before the cause of the HYPP mutation was made public.  
The HWSS research will be public inside three years from the commencement of the initial GWAS.

Further reading about the HYPP research from the same issue of the Equus magazine is available at Unmasking-the-Fatal-Flaw

Many of the issues facing the Quarter Horse breed in 1993 with regards to HYPP are also relevant to the present situation being faced by the Connemara pony with HWSS.  The AQHA has a less than sterling reputation over how they have addressed the HYPP issue.  

Just like with HYPP, the drive to solve the HWSS problem has been driven from the grass roots.  

The AQHA was slow to address the HYPP issue.  In 2014  HYPP is still a problem in the QH breed. 

The CPBS and the ICCPS seem intent on repeating the history of the AQHA over the HYPP issue. 

The CPBS and the ICCPS still do not acknowledge the existence of HWSS.

The CPBS and the ICCPS did not even bother to reply to letters sent by the Connemara Pony Research Group inviting them to be associated with the presentation by Dr Carrie Finno. 

Many owners of HWSS ponies will identify with the following:

"Owners: Grief and Anger.
For those who own a horse affected with HYPP the flow of information is far too slow.  Man veterinarians still do not know a hyperkalaemic episode when they see one, they say, and aren't sure what to do even if they recognise the signs.  Misdiagnoses, such as tying up or colic, are still common place according to several owners and trainers, and horses are suffering as a result." (Equus,185, March 1993, page 50).

Substitute HWSS for HYPP and tying up and colic to White Line disease and fungal infections!  

The research group has been very open with the progress of the research since the beginning of the work.

Connemara pony owners and breeders, farriers and veterinary professionals are invited to the HWSS presentation by Dr Finno at Clifden is on the 19 August 2014. 

If you wish to secure a seat at this presentation make a minimum donation of  6.00Euro per seat required.   Seating is limited by venue size. How to make a donation and secure your seat is at Donation instructions