Thursday, 10 November 2011

A picture of HWSS in a purebred Connemara pony in the UK

This blog has an in-built statistics facility which gives information about from which countries people log into this site.

It has been very intriguing that the lowest 'hit' statistics are from a country with one of the highest populations of Connemara ponies in the world.  
Any  idea that people may have that HWSS does not exist in this country should look at these pictures:

this foot is not the result of neglect, wet conditions/dry conditions/incorrect feeding, or poor farrier skills.

These pictures are now also up on the O A Curtis farriers face book page;

O A Curtis - farriers

Sandra Mesrine is it a connemara pony?
O A Curtis Farriers How did you guess?
Sandra Mesrine ‎:)