Sunday, 20 November 2011

Preliminary Results on the Genome Wide Association Study, for HWSS in the Connemara Pony

The official word from the Bannasch Laboratory at UC Davis is that the first results from the study are expected to be available in the first week of February 2012.

We have come a long way in a very short space of time.
The acceptance that HWSS is a distinct hoof condition has increasing support from equine professionals worldwide.  Input from farriers especially has been superb; these people are the ones who have been dealing with the problem at the 'coal-face'.   These professionals are themselves relieved that  others in their profession worldwide have been challenged by such an intractable hoof problem.  Reports have now come in informing the research group that a very similar hoof condition is noted as occurring with another minority native breed.

However to be successful in obtaining a diagnostic screening test for HWSS requires that Stage Two of the project can flow seamlessly from the results of Stage One.   Stage Two still requires more funds to make this happen.   The link to the donation page is here.

Further information is also coming to the research group from owners and breeders around the world about their own experiences with attempting to treat the hooves of HWSS afflicted ponies.   The aim is to get a list posted on the blog of what people have found helps in keeping their ponies as sound as possible.

A 'don't try this it made things worse/made no difference and cost mega-bucks' scenarios will be included.  Owners can then make up their own minds as to what may just help for ponies in their situation.