Thursday, 14 May 2020

Want to Know More About Hoof Wall Separation Disease? Listen to the podcast made by Lucinda Kelly of Connemara Pony World.

What's all this fuss with Hoof Wall? 

What is it? 

What should I be doing?

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"Getting to the Bottom of HWSD in Connemara Ponies"

In this episode, we cover Hoof Wall Separation Disease, also better known as HWSD. This is a condition that has been identified in Connemara ponies. HWSD is an autosomal recessive disorder that causes the hoof wall to easily break and crack.

Joining us on this podcast are the following guests:

1. Sheila Ramsay is from New Zealand and has performed research in Animal Science, Parasitology and Genetics. Her current project is 'Hoof Wall Separation Disease (HWSD) in Connemara Ponies.'

2. Dr. Melissa Cox is based in Germany and specialises in animal genetics, having earned her doctorate in Genetics through the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology at Texas A&M University, and has concentrated on comparative genomics with an interest in domestic animals throughout her career.

3. Marian Pritchard is from the UK and is a Connemara enthusiast who bought a Connemara pony from Ireland that she later found out was HWSD/HWSD.

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Dr Melissa Cox
Sheila Ramsay
Marian Pritchard riding her Connemara pony who has HWSD. 
Note the hoof boots.