Sunday, 16 October 2016

How the Numbers Stack Up

This blog site went 'live' November 2011; nearly five years ago.

So much has been achieved in this time.  In November 2011 we were in the process of pulling together the funds to pay UC Davis for the genetic research.

10 January 2012 the news came through that indeed HWSD was genetic in origin.  All of us who had been of this persuasion felt vindicated.  Especially in view of the abuse that some had been exposed to.

Fast forward to August 2014 and the meeting at Clifden with Dr Finno, Ray Knightley and the rest of the CPRG team.

The HWSD test at UC Davis became commercially available the week of the Clifden meeting.  What super news that was!  Now not only was the meeting about the 'problem' of HWSD but it also came with the basis of a solution.

The meeting in Clifden in March 2015 brought the issue of  HWSD  into perspective for a large number of local and international breeders of Connemara ponies.

The CPBS made the decision in late 2015 that all foals born in 2016 had to be HWSD tested as part of the registration process.

Today the number of  hits on the site has reached 99,883.  
The number of hits on the HWSD tested ponies page has gone over the 10,000 mark.  The tested ponies page was first available in September 2014.