Hoof Wall Separation Disease was discussed at length at the CPBS Council meeting on Monday 9th of February. Veterinarian Kate Murray outlined the symptoms and implications of the disease and explained how it is genetically inherited. Connemara pony breeders are well placed to manage the disease as its management is exactly the same as that of the Blue Eyed Cream gene. Breeders are encouraged to test all breeding stock before the breeding season commences. The test is currently available from UC Davis at a cost of €35 approx and results are back within six working days. A thorough education programme for all breeders is being embarked upon by the Council through it’s website, newsletters and breeders meetings. While encouraging breeders to be proactive the Council feels that it is not yet in a position to compel people to test their ponies until the study is published and peer reviewed. The CPBS is in contact with Weatherbys, who hope to have the test available before the end of the year. The ideal situation would be that one blood test would be carried out on all foals for Parentage testing, BEC testing and HWSD testing. More information is available here http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/bannasch/HoofWallSeparation.php ."

While the Connemara Pony Research Group has from the outset, attempted (and for the most part achieved) to remain outside the personal  manouverings associated with breed society politics, it does appear that this recent decision on HWSD, by the CPBS is in direct response to vibrant conversations on a facebook page run by a dissatisfied CPBS council member rather than as the result of universal support by council members.  

The CPRG supports freedom of expression.

All power to the People!

Research Update:

We have the test, (YEAH!)  but Dr Finno wants to find out more about how the HWSD mutation actually causes the damaged hoof phenotype.  She needs help to achieve this aim.

The practicalities of this research request are, in reality is probably restricted to breeders and owners in Canada and the USA, although people in the rest of the world may be able to help; it will just be more difficult to achieve.

The request is for anyone 'out there' who has a HWSD pony which they are going have to euthanase, for any reason, to please contact the CPRG.   Dr Finno would like to have at least one, if not all four legs please (from the fetlock down).  Dr Finno has requested that initially any enquiries with regards to donating legs, be dealt with by the CPRG. (email: connemara.pony.research.group(@)gmail.com  (remove ( ) from the address if emailing)
The research will be looking at the expression of mRNA in the coronary band.

Dr Finno has also notified the CPRG, and given permission for this information to made public on this blog, that she is now performing all of the genetic research for the melanoma study on Connemara ponies headed by Dr Alain Theon.  

Dr Theon requested that Dr Finno join his team, such is her professional standing.

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