Friday, 24 October 2014

Rosewood Witchcraft receives posthumous award from the American Connemara Pony Society

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the American Connemara Pony Society  Rosewood Witchcraft was awarded the "The purebred Connemara of the Year Award".
The citation reads as follows:
"The purebred Connemara of the Year Award went to Rosewood Witchcraft (ArdCeltic Art X Balmullo’s Rhiannon) for her contributions to solving the puzzle of HWSD, a genetic hoof wall disease.  “Crafty” was the poster child of HWSD and was, additionally, the first case of HWSD seen by the geneticists at UCDavis, the institution that eventually solved the puzzle and now provides a test for carriers of the disease.  Crafty contributed to not only the science, but also to the publicity and the fundraising.  Sadly, though, because of the disease, she had to be put down before her third birthday. " Link to American Connemara Pony Society website

On the HWSS Facebook page, Crafty's owner and breeder Darian Hall, wrote the following:
"At this years annual ACPS Awards Banquet Rosewood Witchcraft (Crafty) was named ACPS Pony of the Year. It was bitter sweet as Crafty did not survive the condition. She became a poster child only because we went so public with her. However there were so many of you who put your effort, your time and money into this and so many of you who suffered to watch your ponies fall apart without the answer and you tried as hard as I did to find the answer. AND WE DID.
So Crafty's award belongs to all of you for your effort and dedication that has brought us this wonderful test. Crafty was born at the right time, in the right place and to someone who was not going to shut-up (me). But without all of you I would still be fishing in the dark.
Thank you so much CPRG."

On Sunday 29 September 2013, this blog paid tribute to Crafty on a page titled Vale for Crafty

The poster which Darian wrote for the Clifden meeting about Crafty can be seen here

By honouring Crafty in this way the ACPS once again demonstrates the pro-active stance which the Society adopted very early on in the research process.  It is not widely known that the ACPS early in the fundraising process made a substantive monetary donation towards funding the research at UC Davis.

In response to requests, a French translation is now available for both formats of the information pamphlet.



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