Wednesday, 13 August 2014

One Week to Go!

It is one week from today that the HWSD meeting with Dr Carrie Finno and Ray Knightley is being held.

Alcock and Brown Hotel, Clifden. 19th August 2014 at 1.30pm.

Dr Finno and Ray Knightley have only been able to attend this important event because of the generosity of many people who donated to the travel fund.  The Connemara Pony Research group wishes to thank these people from the depths of our hearts.   Donations are still being accepted.

In fact the rapid progress which has been made in HWSD research that has led to this meeting is also the result of 'crowd source funding' by people with the future of the Connemara pony at heart.

We have 16 Anatomical Plastination Specimens from  Dr Christoph von Horst.  These hoof specimens are from a lovely foal from Denmark which, due to the HWSD, was not able to survive.  We have to thank his owner for preserving his hoofs and making them available for the plastination process.
These sections will be available for purchase at the meeting on the 19th August at 75 € each.
These are the only Plastinations of HWSD affected hooves available world wide and we hope they will be a rare thing of the past. Very suitable for teaching purposes or anatomical museums.
If you wish to purchase a section (or two) please email with your order.  If sections are to be picked up at the Clifden meeting there will be no shipping charges.  Any other orders will occur shipping costs.

Two of the Plastinations.

A stud tour to visit the Cloonisle Stud outside of Galway City has been scheduled for a time which coincides with the HWSD meeting.

Visitors to Clifden will have to make the decision for themselves as to which event is of more importance for them.