Saturday, 22 September 2012

Samples are still required from normal, non-HWSS affected, Connemara ponies

Several more enquiries have been received from people willing to help with the research at UC Davis by submitting blood samples from their ponies.  If everyone who has requested the submission forms, collection/shipping instructions and the import permit (for outside of the USA) send their samples, then the closer Bannasch Laboratory will be to having the numbers required to meet the testing protocols.

Samples from unaffected ponies are needed and wanted; there has been no shortage of submissions from affected ponies.

Time to step up people - ponies whose samples that are used in this research will be issued with a report at the end of the research.  The end of the research will occur well in advance of the test becoming available commercially because of legal/patenting issues.

So get in now and be ahead of the rest.  This opportunity could be especially relevant to owners of stallions standing at public stud or to owners who regularly sell their youngstock at weaning.  All this will cost you is the collection and shipping costs, and your time.

Private message the research group to obtain the paperwork required to submit samples.

As an 'aside' the group often gets queries about whether HWSS is present in other breeds.  It has always been the group's opinion that, yes this problem does occur in other minority breeds, but that it is the Connemara breed which has acknowledged that there is a problem and has stepped up to the plate to do something productive and useful about the issue.

So to the list of breeds with authoritative reports of a hoof condition which appears similar to HWSS, we now add Haflinger.

Today is the equinox - for those in the southern hemisphere this means the glory of Spring and rebirth.  For those in the northern hemisphere, the time when the day length really begins to telescope and for those in the colder climbs the onset of the challenges of  Autumn (Fall) and Winter.
Best wishes to all, whichever hemisphere in which you and your ponies may reside.