Monday, 19 March 2012

On January 19th  posted on this blog was, Want to know more about HWSS? Here the opportunity is given to any interested parties to book a presentation by a local representative of the Connemara Pony Research Group. 
The blog entry commences with:
"The research on HWSS has more depth to it than what is shown in this blog.  Only the basics have been put on the internet because the internet is not a secure medium.  Anyone can lift  files off the net and use these for what ever they choose; although unlikely, people with an 'agenda' could be tempted to use such information to their own advantage and not for the greater good which is the aim of this research group."

What has to be realised is that scientific research is moving at an awesome pace - what is correct in January is superseded with new knowledge and information by March.  The presentation material contains more in depth and recent information than does the blog; see the paragraph in italics above as to why this is so.

It always pays to go to the horse's mouth for up to date information.  
It is also past the time when the work of the research group and the Bannasch Laboratory should be acknowledged by various Connemara breed organisations and their executives.  This surely a matter of courtesy at the very least.

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