Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wish to know more about HWSS? Book a presentation.

The research on HWSS has more depth to it than what is shown in this blog.  Only the basics have been put on the internet because the internet is not a secure medium.  Anyone can lift  files off the net and use these for what ever they choose; although unlikely people with an 'agenda' could be tempted to use such information to their own advantage and not for the greater good which is the aim of this research group.

Jocelyn Garneau-Davies was invited to a meeting of the American Connemara Pony Society to talk about HWSS which happened on Friday 13.  For this meeting the group put together a Power Point Presentation with a much greater degree of information.   The people present at the meeting found that the information which they saw greatly helped them in their understanding of the whole HWSS issue. 

The group has repesentatives in most countries.  If your Breed Society, farrier/podiatry or equine group is interested in hosting such a presentation then email us.   Translations still have to be made into other languages, so please do not try and book a presentation for 'next week' :)